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Loa Sub Rel T5i

Ghi nhớ trang

The REL T5 Sub is a Mini, Mighty, Elegant Subwoofer

The REL T5 is The Absolute Sound‘s 2011 Golden Ear Award Winner

T5_3-4_Black           T5_Bottom1

  3T5_Rear-Nbgr 4T7_PANEL2

T-5 produces a sophisticated blend of style and design, in a potent, compact package. Packing a single down-firing long-throw 8” driver with a high current 150W Class A/B amp allows this bantamweight to punch well beyond its class. Quality abounds with hidden bracing designed to remove sloppy, boomy bass, all-too-common in this price range, while solid billet aluminium feet anchor the T-5’s performance to your room.

T-5’s rear panel embodies classic REL quality. brilliant execution of details and a full REL connectivity suite that allows for both perfectly blended musical sub bass, as well as powerful, concussive Home theater bass without having to adjust the settings. Solid, punchy and full of character.

The amplifier design for T-5 is a high current Class A/B linear power amplifier. These workhorse amps have proven themselves in over 50,000 units to date, with excellent reliability.

REL’s latest input filter design is borrowed from its more expensive sibling (Serie R) and is considerably quicker than older designs. This speed is partially responsible for the slam and attack for which Serie T is known. Note the separate volume controls for High Level and .1 that allow perfect levels for music and home theater. With REL, there is no need to turn it up for theater, then turn it down for music.

REL Theater Reference: Note the High Level Connection that allows seamless blend of sub with main speakers. Note also the .1 input which can be used simultaneously with the high level connection to provide a unique Home theater experience that provides truly immersive bass due to the restoration of low bass in the soundtrack to the main speakers.

REL uses a quality stamped steel-frame 8” Ultra Long Throw (ULT) driver in the T-5. REL drivers are a big part of our success, with much care and attention paid to producing truly low bass from relatively small drivers, and then engineering them to be able to withstand high power and output for long periods of time.

Đặt Mua : Loa Sub Rel T5i giá : (vnđ) 17,000,000

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