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Loa Syntar 533

Ghi nhớ trang


Hay, Đẹp, Giá tốt

Sản phẩm mới nhất của công ty loa Chario Italia.

*Xử dụng các vật liệu tốt nhất,

* Kiểu dáng đẹp và không kén ampli.

* Chi cần sắm một ampli tốt, không cần nhiều watt, nhiều tiền, Syntar 533 sẽ đem lại niềm vui bao la cho người yêu nhạc !

Evolutionof the Syntar line, but with concepts and presuppositions from theConstellation line. The cabinet is made of real wood with a specialtechnique that combines four different veneers on the sides of the unit.The solid wood edges lend an extremely mellow, vintage look to theentire system. It’s easy to imagine how difficult is it to create a unitthat contains solid wood, mixed veneers, and rounded edges. At the sametime, studying how skilfully the individual features of the differenttypes of wood that make up the unit are treated reveals how much of aprivilege it is for us to create the unit for this loudspeaker, thewoodworking of which is the embodiment of art and master craftsmanship.This is a line completely dedicated to stereophonics, naturally excitingperformance, and cutting-edge technology applied to the components.

All the basic parameters that gave birth to the Syntar series arereviewed and further optimized in the Syntar R series. The presence ofrounded corners determines a different behaviour of the distribution ofacoustic energy, as well as the joints of the parts composing the samecabinet. The result is an improved regularity in frequency response,that our perceptual system immediately identifies as a more accuratefocusing.The size of the virtual stage become more distinct, the imageis made holographically and the sense of three dimensions is constructedalmost automatically, our perceptual system includes the musicalmessage much more easily and this leads to a strong attenuation oflistening fatigue. Such as the Constellation series to which Syntar Rseries is inspired, does not require a specific listening room, itsmathematical model of energy distribution allows the control so as tosuffer only marginally the unpredictable influence of the listeningroom.



The defined lines of its edges and the innovative technology make theSyntar line the perfect combination of high level performance and atraditional look that’s far from ordinary. Designed for stereophonic andmulti-channel sound, the Syntar line offers equipment ranging fromcompact loudspeaker to the imposing heights of system towers. Thecabinet is created by selecting the real wood veneers to be used, andthe treatment of the open-pore surfaces and clean edges of the cabinetgive this product a timeless look thanks to a long manufacturingtradition that .guarantees perfection. Raised up from the supportingsurface by rubber suspensions, which have a high capacity to absorbvibrations, these units can make the most of our bass reflex system,located underneath the loudspeaker. “Entry level products of remarkableworkmanship with above average performance”: this is the fairest tributeto a hugely successful line.



The research and development of new technologies, materials,forms and components are an effective company branch in Charioorganization, as well as a real need to be able to make innovativeproducts with a significant performance increase. The development of themembranes used to make the drivers fitted to the Syntar series, startedby an ambitious goal: to reduce distortions to allow the reproductionan absolute detail and natural emission very close to the more advancedmodels of our collection.

This has been achieved just by using a membrane free of cutting with adouble curve not mirrored. The result was exactly what months of studyand research and analysis in psychoacoustic human perceptual systemshave highlighted as the ideal solution.

The tweeter which equips Syntar and Syntar R series, is the T 27SILVERSOFT NEODYNIUM. As all Chario drivers is the result of years ofresearch and development. Its project will provide a range of use from 1KHz, with emission angles: vertical and horizontal well controlled. Themembrane is derived from the T 32 which equips the Academy series withspecific treatment of fumigation of aluminum powder. The coil wound on aKapton support, allows high temperature, necessary to cut use. Itsperformance is complemented by the crossover that takes into account thesize of the speaker and the specific sensitivity. Its characteristicshave been predetermined in accordance with the woofers of Syntar series,whose double curvature membrane (Doubleflex) allow a transitionimperceptible. The values of the distortion, harmonics andintermodulation, are the most specific content in the range, and amongthe lowest absolutely.


Thiết Kế:
4 đường tiếng / 4 loa / có lỗ hơi trợ lực và bass hướng sàn

Độ nhạy: 91 dB SPL normalized to 1 m / 2.83 Vrms

Đáp ứng tần số: từ 35 hz – 20000 hz @ – 3db

Cắt tần số: 65 Hz / 780 Hz / 1550 Hz

Tổng trở loa: 4 Ohm

Ampli đề nghị: 30 – 200 Watt / 4 Ohm

Kich thước: CaoxRongxSau: 104x 23 x 35cm

Đặt Mua : Loa Syntar 533 giá : (vnđ) 45,000,000

Nếu chưa rõ cách đặt hàng hãy gọi số 09 6600 3030 để chúng tôi đặt hàng giúp bạn hoặc đặt hàng qua email.
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